Lent Photo-a-Day Devotion

Lent Photo-a-Day Devotion

This year I am hosting a Lent photo-a-day devotion! Want to join in with me? I would be happy to have friends join the journey to Easter. If you aren’t familiar with a photo-a-day challenge for a thing like Lent, let me explain. For every day from today (Ash Wednesday) until Easter Sunday I have chosen a word/scripture. For instance today’s word is: prepare and the Scripture is: 1 Peter 1:13.

Okay, so… what do you do with the word/scripture of the day?

There are a few ways you can participate:

1- post a picture on instagram or facebook representing the word/scripture of the day. Use the hashtag #lentphotodevotion

2- follow along with reading and reflecting on the word with corresponding scripture passage.

3- join me in using the YouVersion (Bible app) plan ‘Enough: Lent Devotionals’.
Check it out here: http://bible.com/r/3jM
The lent word of the day and scriptures were built in tandem with this devotion. I am excited at the possibility of doing this same devotion at the same time with friends around the country and maybe around the world!

Where do I find the words/scriptures of the day?

I selected the words and used the scriptures from the devotion. My husband, Josh, made this pretty image of all the days.

Click here for a check list of the daily words/scriptures:  LentPhotoDevotion2019

Also, I will be posting smaller chunks with an image for each week. Weeks will run from Wednesday to the following Tuesday. If you following me on facebook or instagram, I will also be posting the new week’s worth of words/scriptures every Tuesday.

What if I can’t do it all?

I would love to have you participate in any way that feeds your walk with God. If posting a photo every day will be too much for you, then do what you can with the photo challenge. Don’t let missing a day (or 4) stop you from joining in!

How Jillene and family will be using this material:

Each morning I have set a reminder to read the lent devotion from the “Enough: Lent Devotionals” plan (http://bible.com/r/3jM). I’ll start my day reflecting on the scripture and prayerfully seeking God’s truth to fill my mind from His word that day.

Second, I’m printing the weekly cards for my children so they can do the devotional as well. I’ll be giving them post-it notes to reflect on the word and scripture. They’ll share those notes with me so I can see how God is at work and give me insight into discussion with them. Hopefully most nights we will read the full devotion together at the dinner table.

Last but not least, the photo part of the devotion. Each day, as I reflect on the word/scripture I will also post a picture representation of that word and maybe some of my reflection on the topic. Each week on Tuesday I will upload the words for the next week in case people have gotten off schedule or want to join in later.

Why do this?

Over the last few years I have enjoyed and grown in my walk with God as I am more intentional about not just celebrating holidays but also preparing my heart by focusing on the season at hand. This has been easiest in December with Advent and that time of the year is built on ceremony and preparing for Christmas. Two years ago I did a Lent photo challenge on Instagram. The process stretched me as 47 days worth of posts is a big commitment but the process grew me in ways I hadn’t predicted.

My hope this year is to share some of that process with my family and friends. I hope you’ll join me! Let me know in the comments or send me a message to let me know if you’re joining in or any questions you have on the #lentphotodevotion.

2 thoughts on “Lent Photo-a-Day Devotion

  1. Hi Jill — what a great idea. This year I plotted (& prayed about) doing something (slightly) similar on my blog with a quickie quote/ Scripture & pic each day of Lent. Looking forward to your blogs! Lenten blessings – Virginia 🙂


    • That’s wonderful! I had wanted to write my own for all of lent but I didn’t have time. BUT when I realized people could still join in on doing a devotion together through YouVersion and the photo a day, it was a good fit!


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