meet the author


Hm… what to tell you about me? My name is Jillene. I am a wife to a great guy, momma to 8 crazy kids, a Camp Director, Youth Event Director, a curriculum and blog writer… but most of all I am a child of God trying to seek Him and live for Him.


Joshua and I have been married since 1999. In many ways we are polar opposites: he’s an introvert; I’m an extrovert. He likes loud music; I’m not sure I like music quiet but I don’t like it loud. I like sunny, warm days; he likes cloudy, cool days. We each have a heart for God and somehow God’s mercy covers our mistakes, His grace blesses us beyond imagining, and in His love we find our love for each other.

Our family, the Narraway clan, is full of what we lovingly call the narrawaggles, our 8 children: Micah, Lily, Isaiah, Elanor, Joel, Avari, Calah, & Iris.

See what I mean? There are a bunch of us! The clan travels in a 15 passenger van which may seem more like a clown car than a transport vehicle. And that can be a fitting description for many of our days! I’d like to introduce you to each narrawaggle but it is almost pointless trying to list their ages/interest here since they keep growing older! You’ll have to read the blog to find out more about them!

Our life is filled with activity, noise, laughter, tears, and shenanigans… oh the shenanigans.

But we wouldn’t have it any other way.

In addition to youth ministry, church involvement, and family activities, I also enjoy studying scripture, photography, baking, concert/event planning, and talking with friends.

That’s the who I am. I look forward sharing more of my heart with you through this blog and getting to know you too!