about the blog

Why call  it “thin moments?”

Thin… Makes it sound as if it is about weight. It isn’t at all and yet, it’s all about weight. The weight of presence. Presence that is heavy… So heavy it becomes light.
Light that shines in the darkness which cannot overcome glory.
Glory which is the hope of all mankind.

The ancient Celts referred to “thin places,” a physical juncture where the membrane between heaven and earth was so thin that, “men and angels could hear each other sing.”

These were places of encounters with the presence, the weight, the light, the glory of God. And the Celts (just like we read in the Old Testament), they chose to memorialize and at those thin places they stacked rock upon rock. Earth meeting heaven remembered.

God is not contained to meeting us in places. Since the veil was torn, the Spirit is not bound to dwell apart but within… in us.

Thin moments are the times with Jesus when the scales fall from our eyes and we can see… Times when God grants our minds clarity and we can understand… Times when the Spirit draws us ever deeper into His presence and we know.

And here through this blog… here is where I choose to stack words to remember Truth encountered, Love lived, and Glory revealed.