The time has come to write this post

So… I haven’t written in a while because we’ve been getting ready for this:

Today was truck packing day (which was about as intense as you’d imagine…)

Guys, the #narrawayresettlement2017 is about to begin!!!

And here’s some things about that:

  1. We never imagined this is how life would go. Very little of the last 15+ years has gone as I’d imagined my life goals and aspirations would progress. Honestly, we might not have chosen the journey if it was up to us. Yet we know we never could have planned it out as good as the wonderful plans God has had for our lives.
  2. This isn’t easy. Knowing that this is what we should be doing right now doesn’t make everything go smoothly, doesn’t remove the pain of moving away from so many wonderful people, our family and friends. Clearly seeing that our time of transition has come doesn’t stop us from caring for the place we’ve lived at and the people we’ve know across the last 15 years here.
  3. Oh my word!!!! We have too much stuff! Seriously though, where does all the stuff come from?! I laugh a bunch that the moving truck says it’s the right size for moving a two bedroom apartment. We have a liiitttttlllle bit more than that! Sometimes you need a good laugh and boy did that make me chuckle as we packed the truck full of stuff for a 10 person family. My current desire to ever move again is at an all time low. Moving is hard work! Micah wants me to write a “how-to post for moving your 10 person family 7 hours away” and maybe I will, at least to share the humorous stories.
  4. You have been Godsends to us. We couldn’t have done this without you. I’ve been very, very, very aware in recent days of the love and care so many people have poured into our family. From those who’ve loved on our children (some since birth), to the numerous people celebrating this opportunity while grieving the change, to those who’ve received my frantic calls/texts and guided me back to reason, for our friends and family who’ve sacrificially watched our children, packed up our junk and cleaned our home… our peeps who’ve had our backs in the thick and thin moments of life by interceding through prayer, to those who’ve taken the time to share the impact we’ve made in your lives… y’all are too much… I can’t even finish this paragraph because, oh my heart, you mean so much to me!
  5. I love my kids. They’ve really been an amazing bunch as we’re working through the start of our next big adventure. There are times when almost every one one of us has struggled with not wanting to leave, for sure. Yet, my narrawaggles, little and big, have given me great insight into trust, love, joy, grief and faith as we journey together.
  6. It’s okay for seasons to shift. Some things have to give way for new things to come. I love the beauty of fall colors and the stillness of snow covered landscapes. Yet when I think about why leaves are changing and what happens when they fall, well, I remember they are passing to give way. And often they give way to the long wait of winter. Winter breaks to give way to spring and new life blossoms. I’ve felt for a while like I was in a time of autumn and sitting through the pause of winter. And that’s okay. It’s gonna be okay. Because…
  7. God is good.all.the.time 

The #nextbignarrawayadventure is here! We’re so thankful for you. We’re going to miss you more than words can express. We’re excited to see God’s plans unfold as we each face this new leg of the journey trusting in Him.

Thanks for praying for us as we move and join the West Virginia Baptist family! This time is bitter-sweet, no doubt about that. I’m looking forward to sharing here on the blog with you as we take this next step!

~with love and thanksgiving from the Narraways


2 thoughts on “The time has come to write this post

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