Wednesdays with Jillene: Happy New Year!

New Year’s Eve kind of seems like a birthday celebration. And just like not everyone is happy about celebrating their birthday while, for others, it is a VERY big celebration… the coming of the new year is met with a variety of responses.

Facebook has allowed me a neat look into people’s hearts, minds and lives as people have reflected on 2013 and looked to 2014. For some, 2013 was a great year. Yet others find that 2013 was lacking and they are looking with great hope at 2014 to be “something more.”

I’ve read many phrases, scripture verses, blog posts, articles and the like that offer inspiration or direction for the New Year.  And I wondered what I had to say about the whole thing (since I do blog and all). But the thing was that I don’t have much to say tonight. Weird, I know.

But one thing did stand out today, and that was YOU! That’s right, the “YOU” who is reading this blog right now. It came up today, just how many of these “Wednesdays with Jillene” posts I’ve written. What was the most surprising was that I’ve written MORE than even I thought I’d done!

So far it has been a neat journey, writing these posts. First of all, because of how God speaks to me so powerfully through the process of writing them. And secondly, because of how I have seen the little ways that they have ministered to many of you.

So, tonight, at the beginning of this new year, I want to take a moment to say thank you (whether you be a Camp Vick camper/family, youth from ABY, friend, family, or just someone who stumbled upon this blog) for reading and welcome you to the next year of this journey…


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