Wednesdays with Jillene: “Thin moments”

God has been blowing me away with the abundance of His presence this week. A week full of God’s TANGIBLE presence. Sweet (in so many meanings of that word) times of worship. Honest encounters with the truth of scripture. Beautiful fellowship (even in the craziest of dances!). Concrete experiences of ministry…

I have spoken before about “thin moments”. Times when God feels near enough to touch. There is a quote that I really like which describes these thin moments as “locations where God seems near enough to touch, where the membrane separating heaven and earth is so thin that humans and angels can almost hear each other sing…”

Some may call them mountaintop experiences.

And the thing about these “thin moments” is that we were never meant to stay “on the mountain” forever. Moses wasn’t… Elijah wasn’t… Peter wasn’t… We aren’t.

When I look to scripture it seems that the purpose of these “thin moments” with God is change and preparation.

Through closeness with God… Through our encounter with His truth, love and goodness we are changed, equipped (even) to face the next moments God has planned for us.

Often we don’t want those times to end. And someday they won’t. But for now, they are temporary. But not over…

Because those moments go with us when we choose to remember, to reflect, to respond and to share what God has done in us!

So here goes my choosing to share (lest I forget and so it might bless you as well):
This week I have felt how powerful times of corporate worship can be… It has brought me to tears because of the sheer beauty of the moments of glorifying God and communion with Him and with each other…
To hear our voices lifted in heartfelt praise with minds and spirit seeking God has been, well, almost beyond belief.
To experience God speak through His word as it challenges, equips and grows us has been exhilarating.
To see the gentle nudging of the Spirit with the love of God surrounding resulting in honest confession and receiving of healing forgiveness is more powerful than I can express.

I am so thankful for this week and I ask a few things of you:
#1- continue lifting us (staff and campers in prayer as we have a few days left this week. Pray that we would be open to the Spirit. Pray that we would respond to God’s call on our lives.
#2- pray for us as we prepare for this time to draw to a close. Pray that we would leave this place prepared for the next moments God has in store for us. Pray we would seek genuine worship and fellowship and that when God opens those doors, pray we would go in wholeheartedly.
#3- take some time to reflect on the “thin moments” in your life (times when God’s presence was tangible). What was God doing in that time. And, how did/should those moments change you. Then share that with someone. Maybe even share it here.

Thanks and glory be to God!



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