Wednesdays with Jillene: Where Talent and Passion Intersect

Garrett Zambrows stopped by Camp Vick today on his 12,000 mile, 5 month bike journey around the United States. You can’t even call it across the States because he is really riding here there and everywhere. He has already ridden around 3,300 miles, been on the road for 5 and ½ weeks, stayed at 47 different one-night stops…

And why?

Well, as he told us tonight: He had a passion in life, guess what it was?

Nope, it wasn’t cycling. It was running. He wanted to be an Olympian. But then he tore his Achilles tendon…

God’s plans weren’t the same as Garrett’s plans.

But when he couldn’t run, he could bike… and bike… and bike some more. All day long, even.

And so Garrett was using his talent (athleticism) and his passion (raising awareness about human trafficking) for God’s glory.

Garrett challenged us tonight to allow God to use us where our talent and passion intersect.

It isn’t always the thing you are best at… or the thing that you have the most drive to do… but where those two things meet… that place is where God can use you.

So… What are you good at? What do you care about a lot? How can you allow God use those for his glory?


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