Wednesdays with Jillene: putting us adults to shame…


Here it is… a picture that puts us adults to shame.

Its a picture of prayer requests and praises.  This summer as we shared in our evening chapel services we would move to a time of prayer at the end of the service. As a part of this I would often ask if anyone had any things they were thankful for that we could all join in thanking God for as well, praises. Or if anyone had anything they wanted us to lift in prayer.

Much to my surprise,  week after week, time after time, the children had TONS of praises and prayer requests. TONS!

This weekend we had a chapel service for our Labor Day Weekend family campers and I again offered the chance to share prayer requests and praises. And you know who shared? The children.

They put us adults to shame.

I could speculate on why we adults don’t share… but I won’t right now. Right now I want to encourage us adults to have faith like a child and open up and be willing to share. To be thankful and to offer to others our needs for prayer.

I know I was convicted by the example of the children. How about you? How are you doing at having faith like a child?

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