In awe and wonder…

Over the years Advent has become an expected part of our family life each December. We’ve grown in our desire to make this time special, memorable even, with personal devotions, family reading times, Jesse Tree ornaments, or candle displays. Why? Because intentionally preparing for the coming of Christ gives us greater context and appreciation for what we celebrate on Christmas Day. It isn’t all picture perfect, some years our devotion times feel very rushed, other days the kids don’t seem as excited as I’d like, sometimes I even fall behind on daily readings and still we press on.

Last year as 2020 went on and winter approached, many people said they were “ready for Christmas,” they were desperately seeking Christmas, desiring to find hope amongst the uncertainty, and the craving a break from the ever-evolving news stories and pandemic realities. The comfortable traditions of Christmas offered a needed refuge!

But where does the Advent season meet us in 2021? Maybe the biggest challenge we face is not that we need a break or some semblance of normalcy we thought they needed in 2020 but what if we really need most is to be caught up in the awe and wonder of it all… to find within ourselves a child-like wonder again! What if even we adults could have our eyes gleam with delight, our cheeks with rosy glow of excitement, and our minds blown by the story as the beauty of Christmas enfolds?

Here is my invitation: join me on a journey of awe and wonder in the 24 days leading to Christmas, may we be enraptured in the beautiful story that scripture weaves from creation to the coming of Christ. Let’s approach this season with the conviction to be found with faith like a child, to treasure these things up just as Mary did, to find Christ in awe and wonder!

Join me in this day-by-day journey through key moments in scripture and see the story unfolded from Genesis to the gospels as the Bible brings us to that the perfect moment when Christ, the Messiah was born. Join me in the Awe and Wonder of It All!

Where does this speak to you and meet your heart today? Here on December 1st do you find yourself distracted, worried, filled with anticipation, enthralled with the coming of Christmas, a bit numb, fighting uneasiness… like me, could you benefit from recapturing the joy of the journey?

Save the photo with the daily scriptures and join me here (or here) to share in the journey of the Awe and Wonder of It All as we journey through Advent!

Luke 2:19 records Mary’s response to the amazing things happening around Jesus’ birth and says, “But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart.” Let’s start there today as we journey through Advent this December with a heart of awe and wonder, finding the treasure of Christmas anew!


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