PostIts make me happy. I am a Type A person… can’t deny that. I function better with lists and use PostIts at my desk to organize my thoughts. If you’ve been through a recent meeting or workshop with me then you’ve also fallen victim joined my sticky note madness of different colors, categories, etc.

None of that is what made me happy though.

It is this right here.

Can you see that unassuming PostIt dispenser (that I’m sure I paid way too much for at Walmart) now sitting on the small shelves by our family calendar, dry erase board and kids hooded towels?

See it sitting there all coy?


(I’m also way too fond of personification, but I digress.)

It isn’t really even that dispenser that made me happy; it is, after all, only a conduit.

These PostIts brought me joy.

If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen a picture like this a month ago during the January photo challenge I was have way too much fun with occupying myself. But, seriously, these tiny 3×3 colored papers stuck on my Bible, journal, or alarm clock… they hit me in all the feels were just what this momma’s heart needed.

Because, goodness… my kids…

I said tonight to Josh, “Maybe I’ll just forgo my devotions and read these notes from the kids doing theirs.”


These notes don’t mean that we’ve arrived at spiritual maturity or that I’ve got this whole parenting/discipling my kids thing figured out. What it gives me is hope and I’m soooooo thankful.

So… what’s going on with the PostIts? Summary- For Christmas I bought my two oldest the same devotional and as they read the daily scripture and devotion from the book, the write on these PostIts a verse, key thought, or question. Then they leave the note for me. Sometimes I write back. A few times some good conversation has been spurred by their writing. Mostly, my heart swells and I pray their faith strengthens and deepens.

Before you go and think I’m so brilliant for coming up with this one, I want you to know where the inspiration for this came. I work with a group called the Youth Ministry Planning Team. One of the teens was leading a workshop on spiritual disciplines focusing on studying the Bible. She shared this thing she and her dad do with sticky notes and how it worked for them… and I’m very thankful for how her tiny tip has impacted my family (Thanks Beth, and Beth’s dad!)

Anyway, I share this with you because first, it was such a source of encouragement and I wanted to share in case it could be useful to you. We all could use some good ideas and evidence that there is light on our dark days of parenting, yes?!

Secondly, I wanted to ask you: what do you and your teens do as they navigate these faith solidifying years? Please share how you’re walking these paths as they dig their roots deep in Christ. You never know who could be blessed from the little or big things from your life experience!


One thought on “PostIts

  1. Jillene, I don’t have kids, but when I was in high school my older brother made a deal: if I went to Bible Study with him, he would treat me to a Friendly’s ice cream sundae. Smart guy (‘cause then it just extended Bible Study session!) He’s been a pastor now for 31 years (!!) 🍧 📖🍧


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