Giving thanks

Thanksgiving day is here! A time for family, friends, fun, food with a side of thankfulness for good measure.  I haven’t always been a big fan of holidays like thanksgiving. I struggled with the feeling that the day was a little fake and forced. But after reading Ann Voskamp’s book I started to see things differently, instead valuing the chance to reflect on the blessings I’d been given and the many reasons to give thanks for the last year.


I found these cute little leaves a neat way of helping us all (adults and children) reflect and be thankful. They were also fun to scratch/draw on and made nice thematic decorations for the holiday dinner. (I bought mine from Oriental Trading you can find them here.)



God’s again been working on my heart to have a deeper understanding of who He is and what that means for my life, specifically when it comes to being thankful and identifying blessing. Yesterday I wrote:

I’ve been challenged… challenged to choose to give thanks for the things I struggle to see as worthy… choose to find blessing in the upside down situations of life… choose to allow God to show me His goodness in the places I refuse to find it… choose to see joy even in the unexpected places like sadness… choosing to see God’s goodness, plan and purpose in even unexpected ways and I wanted to know if you’d join me?

I’d love for you to share your thanksgivings together with me… both Thanksgiving and blessings found in the expected and the unexpected. So share away and we’ll fill this tree together!



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