Wednesdays with Jillene: entertaning angels 

I missed my chance.

First autumn here in West Virginia, surrounded by beautiful views and leaves on display. I saw them, those leaves beginning to change.


This is the only picture I took as they began to peak, on my cell phone no less..

And yesterday, one tree across the river was all that remained of the view.


And I have to ask, how many times do we miss an opportunity of more consequence? My missed chance to take pictures doesn’t matter much… I have hundreds if not thousands of pictures from over the years of beautiful fall views. Missing a few (hundred) from 2017 is just fine.

But people, you know, people matter.

The leaves were on display; the chance to see all their beauty shining was right before me. (Sometimes) people are more subtle. it shows in avoided glances, words not spoken, calls/texts at inopportune times, conversations you’re pretty sure you don’t want to have, circumstances that delay you from your plans…

Don’t miss those moments…

Do not forget to show hospitality to strangers, for by so doing some people have shown hospitality to angels without knowing it.  Hebrews 13:2

My, oh my word… let that sit so you can hear that resonate…

How many times have I missed those “entertaining angels” moments? Too preoccupied with my schedule. Too caught up with things more important. Too unwilling to humble myself to put someone else first. Too sure I will get back to that moment later… when I’m ready… Too blind to what who is right in front of me…

God ordained moments.

They don’t always look beautiful. We can find ourselves face to face with messy reality that we’d rather ignore, walk away from… but if we could step back we’d see the beautiful God ordained moment set before us.

Perhaps they come more commonly like this:


In seemingly insignificant instances, when I had nothing to offer more than to sit and listen… there was a perfectly ordained “entertaining angels” moment. I’ve had more than a few over the past two weeks. Moments when, in the middle of the ordinary, a tiny act of hospitality opens a space for something greater than could have been imagined.

How has God been nudging you to see “entertaining angels” moments all around you?

How will you choose to not miss the opportunities God places in your path?






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