Generosity and Hospitality

[In many ways this post is WAY overdue and VERY inadequate.]

Bigg Riggs Ramp Mustard and a guide to The Appalachian Outpost… yup folks, that right there is generosity and hospitality (with a good dose of humor) rolled into one.

The “Next Big Narraway Adventure” has been an overwhelming process on many fronts. But one of the most unexpected was coming face-to-face with the humblinging generosity and amazing hospitality extended to us as we prepared to leave NY and moved to WV.

From friends and family who sacrificially served to help prepare us physically in boxing up our items and cleaning our house… to spiritual and emotional preparations through prayers, quality time and celebration gatherings… it sure made leaving you all quite difficult. And your love for us didn’t end simply because we’ve moved. We’re thankful for the ways you’ve chosen to continue to love us no matter the miles between our home and yours.


The welcome to WV began in full force (well before we moved) when the announcement of my hiring went live online. Within minutes I began receiving messages of welcome, friend requests on Facebook, and offers to help in any way possible. It was all a bit overwhelming. And it kept going, we received flowers, cards, gifts, messages and visits (with many hugs included) and time you’ve poured into our family.

Looking around my house and I see decorations, furniture, food, even clothes for my kids, and even the house itself serves as evidence of the great generosity and love expressed by so many people.

I want to thank you.

Yes, thank you for the specific acts themselves and the tangible gifts for sure. But also, thank you for your heart to show hospitality, your choice to live generously, and the example you give for others to do the same.

Sometimes we stop ourselves from giving because our gift seems too small. All too often we fail to be hospitable because our attempts seem awkward or fall short. But what the last four months have shown me is the beauty of generosity no matter the size of the gifts and the welcoming hospitality of those “gifted” in such ways and from those humorous (sometimes on purpose and others by mistake) but heart-felt efforts you’ve shown our family.

Makes me wonder how I can live generously and show hospitality today.

[I’m sorry to all of you who I should have sent thank you cards and to anyone whose gift is not pictured above! I am truly thankful and our family has been so blessed by so many people!]

For those who were there when the AB Men gave us many gifts, you may be wondering about the mustard. Yes, we are eating it. Some of us like it more than others. But thank you all the same.

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