following tracks

About 18 inches of fluffy, white snow fell yesterday. The sun came out this morning and the 3 Elementary age children were filled with joy to suit up in snow gear, head out to the bus a few minutes early and play in the snow.

I’ve been trying to cultivate an interest in identifying animal tracks around camp. Sometimes the kids are interested, other times not so much. But they do like seeing deer tracks in the snow. Avari most of all. She likes to follow the tracks and pretend to be a deer.

“This deer is awesome! I love following the tracks.”

Makes me wonder what I love following. What gives me so much joy that I would have so much enthusiasm as Avari as she exclaimed, “This is awesome.”

There are a lot of “paths” in life to take. How do I decide which ones to follow? How well do I walk in them?

I love that God didn’t just leave us tracks to follow but Jesus says He is the good shepherd who knows His sheep,  who lays His life for the sheep, and leads them by His voice.



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