Wednesday’s with Jillene: running to daddy


This little lady did something super cute in church on Sunday.

See if you can picture this: it was during the service as the worship band was leading songs. At the time Calah’s daddy was singing and playing guitar. She asked me to put her down. Then, with one sly glance in my direction, she slipped out of our pew and booked it up to the front of the sanctuary to say hi to her daddy.

Then… a little later in the service as the worship songs had just ended and we were greeting one another, you guessed it, she did it again. With her little two year old voice calling out, “Say hi to daddy.”

Adorable no doubt. A combination of two year old rebelliousness and honest desire to see her daddy (since I forgot to have her do that upon our arrival). But, nonetheless, the whole thing cut right to my heart.

What if we all ran with such exuberance to our abba father on a Sunday morning (or every moment for that matter). What if we didn’t let things get in the way of time with Him?

Scripture says that he is our father, our abba (daddy) and yet, so many things get in the way of us freely running to our Abba.

What stands in your way? What holds you back?

Let’s run to our God- our Abba Father- with the joy and persistence exemplified by my little lady trying to get to her daddy at church this Sunday.

Thank you God that through Christ we can freely run to you. Help us to break down our inhibitions and the stumbling blocks that prevent us from approaching you. Thank you for the example of the child-parent relationships here on earth that teach and challenge us to a deeper relationship with you. Amen.


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