Mother’s Day: when you need to hear these simple words

For years now, Mother’s Day has been a day that plays tug-of-war in my heart and my mind. A day which so often brings a clash between celebration and melancholy, a collision of joyous memories and sad remembrances, a day that leaves me torn with feelings of pit-of-despair unworthiness and being blessed beyond measure… oh the struggle of this day is real! And as this day drew close, I wanted to speak these words in case you were like me.

Here on this day known as Mother’s Day, oh how I wish my words could fill your heart with joy, bear the weight of your tears, or embrace you with the warmth of a hug. Because there is so much that I want you to know, to feel, to experience, to believe…

On this day when compliments, well-wishes, gifts, hugs, cards, kisses and love expressed runs plentiful… I want you to embrace it. Because: I -want -you -to -believe -it. I want you to know that Mother’s day is yours. It is yours.

It is yours to hear: That you are appreciated. That you are honored and special and loved beyond imagining. Don’t shy away when I say it, don’t turn your glance towards your shuffling feet in an attempt to deflect it. But … Hear it, feel it, believe it. Today is your day.

It doesn’t matter if your kitchen floor is covered in crumbs or clean enough to eat right off of it. You aren’t disqualified if you yelled just this morning in desperation or if you’ve barely found your voice. It isn’t about whether you feel worthy of the “You are the best mom” cards or if you don’t. It’s not just a day for the mommas of babies we can see but the mommas with babies that didn’t grace earth for long enough. This isn’t just for the moms that share genetics but for the moms who fill the role no matter the title.

For all of you, hear me say: Today is your day.

Not to be a superhero. Not to be the perfect pinterest mom. Not to be the epitome of the Proverbs 31 woman. Not to be the award winning, has it all together, feels like she could conquer the world, perfect mom. Today is your day to be you.

You are a beloved daughter of the King, lavished with His mercy, filled with His grace, loved beyond imagining. You who are HIS daughter are also a mother to as many or as few, as well-mannered or as spirited, as clean or as dirty, for as long or as short, as happy or as sad and as struggling or joyous as you may be… and today is your day.

It isn’t about what we see on the outside. It isn’t about what you feel on the inside. But it is about who you ARE that makes today your day.

So today, on this Mother’s Day, I speak these words to you.

Avoid eye contact if you have to, laugh if you need to, smile if you want to, cry if that’s what’s gonna happen cause let’s face it there’s not much we can do to stop it… but hear these simple words:

Mother you are loved. Mom you are important. Momma you are special.

Today… today is your day.

And we thank and honor you. Happy Mother’s Day!

2 thoughts on “Mother’s Day: when you need to hear these simple words

  1. Thank you Jill, I needed to hear this. I am missing my loved one so much today, I had forgotten this day is about me too and she wouldn’t want me to wallow like this!


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