Wednesdays with Jillene: to the readers

So… today didn’t go as planned. A day of misplaced items and lost tempers, uncooperative technology and attitudes gone askew, interrupted plans and unscheduled activities… and an ER visit.

Not that many people actually plan a trip to the Emergency Room, but this unplanned trip came at a rough time. Before you worry, know that everyone is good, it was a minor injury to Avari’s ear which (thankfully) was fixed with Dermabond. The injury occurred just as I was settling in to write today’s post. Post delayed.

But not forgotten.

It’s funny, you know, writing blog posts. If you can believe it, there are more than 100 “Wednesdays with Jillene” posts over the span of almost three years! I couldn’t have imagined what this journey would have been when I started. But I’m glad I was given the nudge to begin because God really works on me in the process. Each post hits at my heart and speaks to my spirit and for that I am thankful for the deepening of my faith.

I’ve said before that blogging is a weird thing. Putting words out there, sharing my heart and not knowing who would read it, being unsure if I said what I meant to say, and prayerfully hoping that God would use the posts for His glory and to your benefit. You the reader.

The readers.

I know some of you, but not all. There are wonderfully unexpected moments when one of you chooses to share that you are a reader and that you value me writing these posts. And, I guess, one wish I have is that you all wouldn’t only be readers. Instead, I want you to know you are part of my community. When I’m studying scripture, researching for a post, and even when I’m not able to post… I think of you. After I hit publish and the post goes live on the internet I’m still thinking of those who are reading.

Thank you for reading! Know that while I may be the writer, I can also be a reader. I’d love for you to comment on a post, write me an email (, let me know if you want to talk because I’d like to hear from you all more!



2 thoughts on “Wednesdays with Jillene: to the readers

  1. I am an avid reader of yours ❤ I love not only the stories but the way you tie them into scripture or lessons~ you are much more talented than me and I do look forward to your posts Jill!


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