Wednesdays with Jillene: prayer and praise

Camp traditions. I’m sure those of you who’ve attended camp can think of (at least) a few. They sure are a funny thing. Sometimes beginning intentionally but, just as likely, what is now tradition actually started by chance. As years pass the history of the tradition fades and sometimes folklore increases 😉

Thankfully, some of the most valuable traditions remain.

Enter our prayer and praise boards.

As happens so often, Camp Vick staff share prayer requests and praises. Years back I remember the “new” idea to use some dry erase boards which were hanging around the program office to record what was shared so we could see them all week long. What a blessing this was to us as we could remember prayer needs and see God answer as prayer requests turned to praises.

Those well-used dry erase boards suffered two problems: 1- they weren’t big enough 2-they had been erased and written upon so much that their appearance was a little worse for the wear.

So… I purchased new, larger boards and (as happens to so many things) brought the old ones to my office. They sat in piles for a little while. It wasn’t long before I knew their time wasn’t done. Again they held the praises and prayer requests people shared with me personally.

They’ve recently been refurbished and today I invite you to fill them up. Together let’s “Rejoice with those who rejoice; mourn with those who mourn.”

I would be honored to thank God along with you, lift your requests, and rely upon the Holy Spirit when words fail…

If you feel comfortable you can post them here, if not, you can email me at

I know it can be hard to share but it is a blessing of being part of the Body of Christ that we do not walk this life alone.


2 thoughts on “Wednesdays with Jillene: prayer and praise

  1. Prayer Request: That I don’t allow my own comfort, excitement, or emotion to dictate what I choose to do when it is time for me to leave Burkina Faso. There is a need for a teacher at the English center here next semester and I have been asked to stay another two months. There are many things I am anxious to get back to at home, but that could certainly wait if God’s decide I should stay here. At the moment I do not feel as if I should stay, but more prayer is definitely needed to figure this out.
    Praise: I feel like myself again! It is has been a long time since I have felt confident being on my own and making decisions by myself. The first month and half here were extremely difficult and there were times when I considered coming home as soon as my class is over in December. But I shared this weakness with others and began to talk about it and pray about it more and now I feel like the strong, independent, 20 year old young woman who decided to go on this crazy adventure back in 2011. Hooray!


  2. I praise the Father and Jesus for my recent deliverance and my healing journey that I have been on now for almost 3 months.

    Was divorced recently and would like prayer for Sam and I to be able to keep the house. We have a VA loan that needs to be approved for me to assume it by myself.

    I pray for our country to be delivered from spiritual blindness and to wake up and get everyone believing freedom is possible again.

    I bless you highly and richly and deeply and lowly and widely and through.


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