Wednesdays with Jillene: what you should hear (even if you’ve heard it a thousand times already)

I am habitually redundant. In an effort to counteract my natural tendencies as I’ve worked on new blog posts I’ve become a frequenter of Looking for synonyms to utilize as alternates for words I tend to repeat ad nauseam. That’s a good thing! For one, it sure sounds silly to reuse the same word. And for another, a frequently used phrase begins to lose its power and I think you’d lose interest pretty quickly if I didn’t take the time to do at least little editing of posts.

But some things are worth repeating, just as they are, no changes or alterations needed. So, there are times when, we need to make the effort to find the value in words or phrases we’ve heard before, no matter how often!

If you’ve been reading Wednesdays with Jillene for a while you’ve no doubt noted some themes that come around on a regular basis. This post could join the ranks because what I’ve been thinking about a lot lately is God’s love for us. And I want you to know:

God loves you.

Simple, three word phrase… yet, so powerful.

But if you needed a little something more you can think on this from Kandee Johnson:

youre-more-beautiful-than-you-know-more-talented-than-you-think--more-loved-than-you-can-imagineEven if you’ve heard it a thousand times before: God Loves You!

When we embrace the meaning of those three words it changes us. It’s meant to.

Let that fact sink in and face the day knowing you are loved by God because nothing means more than that!


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